Cilegon Municipal Regulation No. 5 of 2001 on Violations of Moral Decency, Alcohol, Gambling, and Abuse of Narcotics, Psychotropics, and Other Addictive Substances

This regional regulation prohibits conduct that:

  1. violates moral decency (arts 2-5);
  2. produces, stores and/or distributes alcohol (arts 6-8);
  3. constitutes gambling (arts 9-11);
  4. constitutes abuse of narcotics, psychotropics, and other addictive substances (arts 12-15).

Article 1(4) defines a 'violation of moral decency' ('pelanggaran kesusilaan') as covering prostitution, behaviour that can evoke lust, either through immoral behaviour, listening to songs, affixing pictures or writing, or other behaviour that contradicts religion, customs and traditions, and culture.

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