Indonesian Council of Ulama Fatwa on Islamic Shari'a Guidance in Approaching, Consorting With, and Treating HIV/AIDS Sufferers

This fatwa encourages people to treat the sick as though Allah himself were sick by providing them with moral and material support. The fatwa also reminds people to avoid anything that may place their own health at risk, especially if the disease of another is contagious.

The fatwa states that around 80-90 per cent of HIV/AIDS sufferers contract the virus through sexual intercourse out of wedlock (zina). It states that some HIV/AIDS sufferers contract the virus through their own sinful (dosa) actions, while some contract it as a result of the conduct of others. Accordingly, the most effective way to eliminate the virus is for people to cease having sexual intercourse out of wedlock.

The fatwa states that HIV/AIDS sufferers should be treated in a humane manner without exposing those treating them to the risk of contracting the virus.

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