Batusangkar Religious Court Decision No. 382 of 2014: Irrevocable Divorce

The plaintiff submitted that she and the defendant had been happily married for 22 years. Around the middle of 2012, however, the parties had begun to quarrel regularly. This was the result of the defendant:

  1. often gambling, despite the plaintiff asking him to stop;
  2. accusing the plaintiff of being unfaithful, for no apparent reason; and
  3. not working, causing the plaintiff to have to sell construction parts to meet their daily needs.

Problems escalated in July 2014 when the defendant accused the plaintiff of having an extra-martial affair with another man. Despite the plaintiff assuring the defendant she had done nothing of the sort, the defendant did not believe the plaintiff and instead struck her in the face. The defendant then drove the plaintiff to her parents' home and, since then, the parties had lived separately.

The court found that ongoing conflict between the parties, pursuant to art 39(2) of Law No. 1 of 1974 on Marriage, art 19(f) of Government Regulation No. 9 of 1975, and art 116(f) of the Compilation of Islamic Laws, was sufficient reason to grant the plaintiff an irrevocable divorce (thalak satu bain shughra).

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