Banda Aceh Shari'a Court Decision No. 50 of 2015: Irrevocable Divorce

The parties were married in Aceh Besar, in accordance with Islamic tradition, and had no children. The plaintiff's father had acted as the parties' marriage guardian (wali nikah), the dowry (mahar) was six grams of gold's worth in cash, and the plaintiff requested that the chief justice ratify the parties' nuptials in order that she might file for a judicial divorce. After two days of marriage, the defendant had left the plaintiff, never to return. Over the past seven years the plaintiff had not heard from the defendant, nor knew anything in regards to his whereabouts.

The plaintiff's application was dismissed, however, on the grounds that neither the plaintiff or defendant were in attendance. The court ordered the plaintiff to pay court costs (IDR 391,000).

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