Solok Regency Regulation No. 10 of 2001 on Proficiency in Reading the Qur'an for School Students and Prospective Brides and Bridegrooms

The preamble of this regional regulation states that the ability to read the Qur'an for every school student constitutes a part of an Islamic education with strategic meaning to improve the intelligence of the life of the nation, especially in terms of instilling faithful and God-mindful values in the younger generations, and in society in general.

The regulation states that proficiency in reading the Qur'an will make students and prospective brides and bridegrooms good, noble, wise, disciplined and God-mindful people, well-versed in worship (ibadah) and with knowledge of Islamic principles. Accordingly, it requires schools to set aside additional time to teach Qur'anic recitation.

If any person contravenes the provisions of this regulation they face a maximum prison sentence of six months and/or a maximum fine of IDR 5 million.

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