Way Kanan Regency Regulation No. 7 of 2001 on the Prohibition on Prostitution and Promiscuity in Way Kanan Regency

This regional regulation prohibits prostitution and sexual promiscuity for money, goods or services in the regency of Way Kanan. It prohibits all persons and legal entities from carrying out prostitution, and from facilitating it through ancillary means. Its preamble states that prostitution is contrary to religious values, morality, and communal traditional customs. The regulation also places on all persons with knowledge of such practices to report them to authorised personnel. Contravention of this regulation can result in a prison sentence of, at most, six months, or a fine of as much as IDR 3 million. For recidivists (persons who have contravened the regulation again within one year), their punishment will be one-third additionally severe if the sentence is a prison term, or one-half additionally severe if the punishment handed down is a fine.

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