Medan Municipal Regulation No. 6 of 2003 on the Prohibition on Vagrancy and Begging, and the Practice of Morality in Medan Municipality

This regional regulation prohibits vagrancy and begging of all types, as well as prostitution. In its preamble it states that it aims to prevent persons from preying on the sympathy and mercy of others, labelling such conduct akin to a mental illness or idle behaviour not in accordance with religious teachings. It also states that promiscuity contradicts social and religious norms, and easily endangers the younger generations, as well as facilitating the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus, and other viruses. 

Contravention of the regulation can result in a prison sentence of, at most, six months and/or a fine of as much as IDR 5 million. Coordination and monitoring of the implementation of this regulation rests with the mayor, who may assemble an integrated monitoring team for certain related matters.

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