Tasikmalaya Municipal Regulation No. 7 of 2014 on the Religious Societal Values in Tasikmalaya

This regional regulation replaces Tasikmalaya Municipal Regulation No. 12 of 2009. It obliges every person to implement the teachings of their own religion as a set of guidelines by which to live their lives, thereby avoiding the ignoble. Among its many provisions, it requires all persons to worship God, requires employers to make available prayer facilities for their employees, prohibits dubious economic and financial practices, mandates that the regional government and society increase the levels of religious education (both formal and informal) for younger people, and requires all persons to dress in accordance with their respective religious teachings, and local societal norms. In line with its predecessor, the regulation also prohibits the following:

  1. becoming involved in corrupt practices and abusing one's position of power;
  2. committing adultery or prostitution (heterosexual and homosexual);
  3. gambling;
  4. ingesting intoxicants (alcoholic and narcotic);
  5. carrying out abortions;
  6. viewing pornography;
  7. charging interest (riba) and making speculative sales (ijon);
  8. practising idolatry;
  9. facilitating child exploitation;
  10. participating in organised crime; and
  11. disseminating deviant sects/understandings.
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