Kendari Religious Court Decision No. 168 of 2015: Revocable Divorce Granted

The parties were married on 20 August 1999 and had one child. The applicant claimed that, since 2003, he and the respondent had quarrelled regularly because the respondent:

  1. was not satisfied with the applicant's salary; and
  2. did not acknowledge the applicant's suggestions, often opposing the applicant while he was in the process of providing the respondent with advice.

Problems escalated in August 2003, resulting in the respondent leaving the parties' matrimonial home and child. The respondent had never returned nor contacted the applicant since she left. The applicant believed that the marriage was irreparable, making divorce the only feasible option.

Pursuant to art 19(b) of Government Regulation No. 9 of 1975, and art 116(b) of the Compilation of Islamic Laws, the court granted the applicant a revocable divorce (talak satu raj'i) on the grounds that the parties had been apart for more than 12 years consecutively.

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