Marzieh Tofighi Darian, Student Editor, Harvard Law School

Marzieh Tofighi Darian

Marzieh Tofighi Darian

Marzieh Tofighi Darian is an SJD candidate at Harvard Law School. Her research focuses on the efficacy of constitutional courts' jurisprudence in religiously divided societies. In 2012, she was a student member of the Center for Constitutional Transition at NYU where she conducted research on issues related to constitutional design for Arab Spring countries. She received an LLM from both Harvard Law School and New York University Law School.


Islamic Constitutionalism

Islamic Constitutionalism (SHARIAsource, Harvard Law School) provides a survey instrument codifying the thirty "Islamic clauses”, i.e. those constitutional clauses that make a reference to Islam or having an Islamic underpinning, modeled... View Project